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My name is Jennifer Cote, and I am a Realtor with 5 Elements Realty Team powered by TRE. I moved to Austin 5 years ago from Orlando Florida searching for who I was as many people struggle with after college. In college, I had studied fine art and art history. I started a Photography company and with the creative vibe of the city allowed me to grow and connect to the community in a way that was not possible in Orlando. Art ended up being an expression I loved to do for myself, so I turned to the next thing I was passionate about helping others. My experience with Realtors prior was just that; they help people who are moving to the next step in their life. I strive to be the go-to person for any troubles, concerns or even just questions someone has about this process. It can be confusing, scary and exciting on the roller coaster before and after going under contract. Being a resource and being helpful is my life’s journey.

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